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Designed for enterprise workloads requiring zero application downtime and extreme scalability, the HP Integrity NonStop BladeSystem NB54000c (NB 54000c) is the newest addition to the HP Integrity NonStop systems family. The NB54000c allows you to scale up capacity and performance without incurring downtime or performance bottlenecks.

By continue to leverage the power of Intel® Itanium® multi-core architecture and the economics of standard modular components, HP deliver a mission-critical Converged Infrastructure, providing a flexible foundation for the IT environment of tomorrow.

Why HP Integrity NonStop BladeSystem NB54000c (NB 54000c)

  • Built on the proven NonStop architecture, consistently delivering the world’s highest application availability
  • Complete investment protection through easy in-cabinet upgrade
  • Highest availability in the industry with built-in clustering
  • Modern software development and runtime environments
  • Significant price performance improvements as compared to previous product generations
  • Mission critical support and service
Processors Intel Itanium 9300 series quad core
Processors per node 2 to 16
Cores per node 8 to 64
Processors per cluster up to 4080
Memory per CPU 48 GB
Memory per node 768 GB
Internal HDD SAS 146 GB, 300 GB
FC 300 GB
Enterprise Storage HP P9500
Dimensions 42U;
199.9 x 118.5 x 60.96 cm
RVU J06.11 or later
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